Brainstorming: pacing or rhythm-making activities

Something to do while considering a tough problem

  1. Fiddling with a musical instrument (simple ones to try seem to be ocarina and ukulele–can be decors if didn’t work)
  2. Doodling, daubing, mark-making
  3. Swinging a baseball bat
  4. Shooting a basketball
  5. Spinning a disk or ring on a table/floor
  6. Splitting firewood
  7. 古碁を並べる (English?)
  1. Walking/Pacing
  1. Breathing
  1. Sleeping. Let the subconscious do the work.


  1. Knitting, crochet (list of textile arts; if you recommend a particular one, add below)
Louis C. K. knitting...

Embedding video doesn’t work in collapsable details?

I’d bought a crochet hook a while ago but it became a room decor.

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  1. Taking a shower in the morning, when I am still half asleep.
    Some of my best ideas started to develop under the shower :smiley:

Or the half conscious.
12. Gardening (manual work, not much thinking needed, out of the house, fresh air, etc.)
13. Going to a place you have never been before and receiving new stimuli.

Okay, we have a lot of input now.
When will we start our OGS Brainy Brainstorm?
And what subject?


“Nice hat you got”
“You made that yourself?”
“Yea, it’s my first project actually”
“Not bad. Is it knitting or crochet?”
“It’s crochet. The stitch is called xyz crochet.”
“I got this crochet hook lying around. I tried watching some videos but they were of no use. I wonder if you can help me with it some time”

It might even help me solve a tough problem.