Broken auto end-game count and post-game analysis (fixed)

Please see sakuradani vs. ythp .

  • The auto end-game for this game is messed up. All squares were marked blue (instead of black, white or dame). I had to manually go in and click all the territories.
  • The AI analysis graph is also not correct (randomly jumping between 100% and 50%).
  • The suggested move sequence at 286 (and 303 (pass)) is ‘wrong’, a self-atari followed by moves inside own territory.
  • The suggested move sequence at 298 is also ‘wrong’. A single fill is worth 50 points somehow.

I ran the game through leelazero (Lizzie 0.7.4) and it seems to do just fine.

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hi and thank you for the report, we are working on it!

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This turned out to be cause by this, which is now fixed. Known AI issue: first line "0" recommendations (fixed) - #5 by anoek