Broken: I am running out of time to make a move

I ticked this nice box in my profile. But it didn’t fire. And I timed out in a correspondance game. At least thank you for not kicking me out of the tournament.

Maybe the mechanism is so clever that it checks whether somebody is online before sending a message about running out of time. Didn’t help me though. I never check the time, because the site is so slow on my mobile.

It does indeed check to see if you are online and if you aren’t it won’t send you an email. Could this be what happened?

If you aren’t online it won’t send you an email? Is that a mistake?

I came here looking to see if there had been any progress on a bug that I reported a while back that I wasn’t getting notification emails when I was running out of time. I still seem not to get any email until the inevitable ‘You have lost by timeout’.

Without a client for my phone that can give me notifications, and with work and young children, the ‘You are running low on time’ emails are incredibly useful for me to avoid timeouts.

Can you clarify how these notifications are supposed to work, and if this is still an unfixed bug?

Edit: Sorry - I just re-read this post and it seemed a bit angry, which wasn’t the intention at all. Thanks for all the great work on OGS! If these notifications could be fixed it would be amazing.

Now my clock went <12 hours in a different game. And I wasn’t logged in for sure. And no email.

Seems broken to me. I read somewhere that 12 hours is the point where the email should be fired.

Independent of a possible bug, I suggest firing the email anyway (or provide the option in the profile to have it fire anyway). Being logged in doesn’t mean that you are paying attention to the time left on your games (you can be chatting or doing some reading in a different game or playing a live game, who knows).

Hi I seem to suffer from this alot too.

I think if I have the webpage open on any device it doesn’t send a warning.

Please enable another option somewhere that just sends the email regardless of your logged on state.


I have the exact same problems. I would really like to get the emails no matter what - I am fairly certain I have suffered this issue when I definitely have not been logged into the site from any device, but I’d prefer to get the email whether I’m logged in or not.

If I reading this correctly, I find this stupid…even if I see the thoughtproces of the features development…

and therefor I want to request a feature (as in a setting) where u will get these mails even if you are online.

Myself and another user I know have each lost games due to timeouts.

For whatever reason (perhaps the reasons mentioned in this old thread) we aren’t receiving the warning email.

Having the “I am running out of time to make a move” setting ticked on isn’t informing us at all.

We’re playing super casual games, so we shrug it off and start new ones, but we’re a bit baffled that we aren’t getting the warning.


Ditto, I’m not getting a notification and am timing out sometimes. I’m playing super-casual games, and I’d even vote for a “claim win” button if the opponent runs out of time if the game is unranked.