Broken review

I started a review yesterday, while we were in the scoring phase, and it is not working properly.

There are blue squares on the board marking the dead stones at the end of the game, and when I try to place a stone for a variation a popup window says “Missing Game ID”

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Thanks a lot for the heads up, @ajventi. I’m sure @anoek will take a look at that when he has the time. Although you can start another review now that the game ended. The new review should work just fine.

I can’t create a new one it takes me to the same review if I try. I should be able to have my opponent make one.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Oh, that’s unfortunate. Maybe fork the game with a bot, and then make a review of that game?

Thanks, forking the game worked

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Glad to hear :wink:

Sometimes I have problems with this site not seeing keystrokes. Restarting my computer always solves this problem. Windows 8 from Microsoft, the company that values new features over writing bug-free code.

I reported the same problem 1.5 months ago, but no one answered. :frowning: Review is bugged when started at the stone counting phase