Broken (Site) Ladders?

This morning I went to offer challenges on the 13x13 and 9x9 site ladders. I got this error in a pop-up box:

“<.h1> Server Error (500) <./h1>” (without the periods)

This is preventing me from offering challenges on the ladder. (Yes, it’s been more than 7 days.)

PS: Windows 7 + Google Chrome 38

Who was the player you were challenging? We know there is an issue with challenging some folks when criteria isn’t met.

What other criteria is there? The 7 day thing is the only one I knew about that overrides the challenge button being enabled. I can’t challenge thouis and I don’t think I played him recently.

I tried to challenge MVGO 4k in 9x9 and nrx 2d in 13x13. Isn’t 7 days the only criteria that matters? The buttons are not greyed out, and I’m out for blood.

There are also max-sent and max-received challenge limits, and of course the too-far-away limit.

I think those are supposed to be covered by the challenge button being on/off. It would be nice if the 7-day limit was included in that too. And then there is this apparant but, dunno what’s going on with that.

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Hey Guys,

We found the problem here, we’ll get it fixed up hopefully tonight. Until then, you probably wont be able to challenge someone you’ve played before, but you should be able to challenge folks you’ve never played before (not that that helps you guys up there in the top 20 much…) but we see what’s going on and will get it fixed up, sorry about that!


Alrighty I think it should be all fixed now, let us know :slight_smile:


Oh yeah. Let the fun and games begin.