[BUG?] Accept removed stones doesn't seem to work

This is the game:

I’m pressing the “Accept removed stones” button, but it doesn’t seem to have an effect. That is, my name gets a green tick on that screen, but when I go to some other game and then return to that one, my name is again shown with a red cross.
I assume it’s the same for my opponent. Thus, it is impossible to finish the game…

I encountered the same. I resolved it by playing another move (I was leading by more than 1/2 a point. Definitely a bug.

+1 I have still about a day in game https://online-go.com/game/7779581 I’m losing, so no real problem if I time out, but maybe this would be a useful example to fix the bug

Another example:

Can’t seem to get this game to end. I keep hitting accept over and over. My opponent checks into this game pretty frequently - I assume he is having the same problem I am…

I, same problem here for several weeks (months) at least on latest chrome browser on windows 10 (did not try elsewhere)

I could sometimes finish game by canceling and playing one or two moves, but this time it just does not work : https://online-go.com/game/8255098

fuego won, lol!! :wink:

it’s really annoying, looks like a bug, it would be cool to get an answer to this !

New member here. Definitely see the “Accept removed stones” button not really working; I am forced to wait 5 mins to end the game after two passes.

Window 10; Chrome AND Firefox; against human AND computer (GnuGo).

Please fix!


From my experience, it seems not working the first time you click on it, that’s to say, the final countdown doesn’t start or it doesn’t start the next hours, it might start after one day of few days, I haven’t checked.
But, when you click on it a second time, it seems to start for real.

Anyway, there’s no reason to keep the button visible when you already clicked on it.

Perhaps, it would be a good start to replace it by just the countdown.

Thus, I filed this github issue:


I couldn’t get the accept button to finish the game. There are no stones to remove, and there are no more moves on the board. The game is finished. How do we get the accept button to finish the game?

From what I gathered I think all you need to do is wait for your opponent to accept as well.

Point of the accept phase is to make sure BOTH players agree (just like in real game) and since this seems to be a correspondence game you are talking about your opponent has like a day or something to also check the result. :slight_smile:

Assuming you’re talking about this game: https://online-go.com/game/11915465

Your opponent hasn’t accepted yet. You’ve got a green check next to your game, which means you accepted the score, but your opponent has to do the same for the scoring to be finalized.

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Thanks for your replies. That’s very helpful!