Bug AI display x axis not updated for long variation

when one plays a long variation well beyond where the game ended, the AI display x axis is not updated (so one does not see the score estimate of the latest moves).
I’ve seen this many times, I have now a reproducible setup (I think).

  • take a game which was stopped relatively early
    Tournament Game: Autumn olympic games 2020 (9х9) (64288) R:7 (sweissner2 vs dhpmrou)
  • hit left right arrow to enter analysis mode
  • fill methodically the top row A9 B9 etc…
    =>one can see the vertical scale of the AI display to be updated (especially in score mode, rather than win probability), but not the horizontal one, so one does not see the effect of the moves beyond the last one, although one can see the score at each step
    (I’ve been seeing this since many weeks, but I’ve not seen this reported, sorry if this is the case)
    Best regards
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