Bug: Cannot access chat in review on iPad

I just had this happen in a game - another user kindly joined my review and even gave me really good review - and then I couldn’t answer. Then when rushing to another computer to thank him, he was already gone (probably thinking I’m rude).


Please fix this. The chat should be accessible on iPad in the review mode.

I agree ! Unfortunately this is not an iPad issue. The commenting area is just available top the reviewing player
To send the reviewing player a message you can click on his user name and then the chat icon. That works, at least on Android

I don’t believe you’re correct on this. There is the move comments section available to the reviewer, and the chat section available to anyone watching the review.

I should have been clearer: the chat box is available on screen, but in such a way, that the entry text field is off screen and one cannot scroll the screen to get to it.

Noted. I’ll be giving this interface a lot of attention in the near future


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