BUG Chrome making board disappear after a while?

Hi all,

When I have an open game that’s quite for a little while, all the lines and pieces on the board disappear.

Working with Chrome on OSX, Chrome Version 49.0.2623.87 (64-bit)

Anyone else having this issue?

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Yes, seeing the same issue in Chrome 49 / OS X. The board disappears as soon as I switch to some other non-OGS tab and then switch back.

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Yup, same here on Chrome w/ OS X, happens also on the “Home” page with the overview of my games as well as on the “Games” page.

I’ve already notified @anoek and @matburt.

Something of a workaround for the meantime:

On a game page it helps (for a while) to slightly resize the page.

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Thanks @trohde. Refreshing works too (command R).

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Yeah, I know, but refreshing takes you away from the game for a little longer :wink:

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We’ve been hearing this a lot with chrome 49. We’re investigating


Coincidentally, I just noticed the shadow “blinking” shortly when I returned to a running game, maybe there is some connection?

I think the shadows were gone when I returned, and then they came back hastily, as if they had noticed :smiley:

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This looks like the bug in Chrome that we are running into. We’ll see if there’s a workaround… otherwise we may need to wait for Goog to fix it on their side



Maybe Google was distracted by some other event this past week? :wink:


I noticed that as of the beginning of this week, board previews in my Home screen show up blank or all copy the same board position if the page has been open for more than a couple of minutes. Reloading the browser page refreshes them to the current board position, but they go blank (no stones, lines, or numbers on the side of the board) within a few minutes.


Is this a bug in the site, or something with my browser? I currently have Chrome Version 49.0.2623.87 (64-bit), which is the latest as of writing this.

@MrSparkle713, I’ve moved your post to this existing thread, OK?

@MrSparkle713 as you can see, it’s a chrome bug… hopefully they’ll fix it up. Refreshing should work but paging back to the tab from elsewhere may cause it to happen.

According to this the issue will be fixed at least in Chrome 50 and possibly a followup 49 release. 50 is about to enter the beta channel:


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Yup, seems that Version 50.0.2661.37 beta fixed it.


@trohde Cool, thanks! I didn’t find this one when I searched.

No problem, @MrSparkle713 … I think we’re all happy that the bug has been found and removed :slight_smile:

Today I had the same issue… :frowning:

@ema, please check your Chrome version number and compare with the version numbers mentioned above.

The mobile version of chrome has the same issue
That’s a really weird bug.

Update: I think I found a solution to that bug, at least on android. I didn’t have the issue on my laptop so I can’t test there. It seems to have to do with 2D hardware acceleration. Here’s how to disable it:

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