Bug creating game vs AI: "your live challenge has pause on weekends"

It is saying that “pause on weekends” is incompatible with the live time, but the “pause on weekends” control is not even visible on the live time controls pane, so I don’t know how it’s getting set or how to unset it. I unset it in the correspondance settings but it’s still not allowing me to create a live game.

Game settings I’m trying to use:

Error message:


This seems to work correctly with “byoyomi” time controls, I don’t know why it fails with Fischer. Exact time doesn’t matter I guess because these strong bots beat me very quickly.

The time control picker is currently being revamped anyway so we can probably fix this issue in the process. Thanks for the bug report!

It sounds like a malformed time setting may have been saved accidentally into your preferences. Does the issue persist if you try a different browser or device?


I’ll try it on my work computer tomorrow and let you know.


It’s okay on my work computer, so only broken at home for some reason.

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To fix your issue at home, one option is to try clearing your cache: How to Clear the Cache and Cookies in Your Web Browser | Information Technology Services

Note: this is a bit of a “nuclear” option. You will lose many settings that have been saved to your browser. You may also be logged out on various websites. That said, I clear my cache from time to time and it is not the worst thing - mostly just a pain to log in to websites again.

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If you’re willing to get your hands a bit dirty, I can also describe how you might clear the buggy preset without losing your other settings.

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