Bug? in Blitz: Random Early Timeouts

So I have recently started playing some Blitz matches on this website, and in the past two days I’ve have 3-4 games where I have just randomly won the game from Timeout within 1-2 seconds after playing my move, even though the other player is supposed to have 5-10s for their move ( this happens when I play with either 5/10 second simple timers or 5 overtimes at 5/10 seconds each ). I’ve had more than one opponent complain about it, and I have to agree with them because the early timeout is very noticeable, 2 seconds vs 10 seconds. There is nothing I can do to correct it in game, and I just have to go start another game and hope it doesn’t happen again.

Can anyone help me figure out what might be happened, and if this is just a bug or something else?

Example Game: https://online-go.com/game/4654920 ( 10 second simple timer )

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