Bug in rank changing?

Recently my rank jumped from 16 to 14 kyu in a few days (maybe 2 or 3) - that surprised me a lot because I didnt’ remember having won significant games recently.
I looked at the rank information and I noticed that some games were won because of timeout - but actually no move at all were played (except my very first move - cf. game 709523).

I thought (and that was the rule in the “previous OGS” one or two years ago) that in order for a game to impact the rank, a minimum number of moves had to be played - this is obviously not the case anymore, but I think this is a bug because I had absolutely no value for winning this “one move game” by time out.

If anyone can fix that…

For tournament and ladder games we are currently still counting early timeouts as losses. This is going to be changing, and rankings will be adjusted in the upcoming ranking adjustment which account for this, so all should be corrected in the not too distant future :slight_smile:

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