BUG: Looking at games in My Library has all stones numbered

Example, check: https://online-go.com/game/1456596

This game has all stones numbered. This is a new bug and isn’t how it used to be.

The current workaround is to go into review mode.

I’m noting it here at a request from matburt

Linked game has neither numbers nor stones for me. :confused:

Some people report no stones showing at all which is even worse

This is what I see when opening https://online-go.com/game/1456596.

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Interesting indeed, I’ll fix that up.

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I think you fixed it already as it works now. Thanks!

When I go into that game, I see the same thing as Oni: no stones, no move tree, and showing “analyze mode” without a “back to game” button.

Clicking on estimate scores, brings up a score estimate, but doesn’t change the lack of stones on the board or game tree.

However, then clicking on the “back to game” button shows “Tie by 5.50”.