[BUG?] Messaging System

Hello :slight_smile:

Today I went to my games page, got a “desktop notification” (that’s what it’s called, right?) that a player had sent me a private message.

But the rightmost square in the top right corner was NOT blue and it showed “0”, and only when I came to the game we had finished I could see the little “folded” yellow chat message at the bottom right, clicked it and expanded the msg.

What’s happening? I don’t want to miss messages …

Greetings, Tom

I’ve been experiencing something similar.

The last warning was repeat like 4 times in different days, in my case I was noticed “Your friend request has been accepted”, so, I guess it is a bug.
I never pointed it because I thought that maybe when the “devs” do something in the game that last warning can be repeat…

Cheers, Leandro.

Yeah private messages are the ones at the bottom of the screen… if there’s a new one we’ll show it to you down there. Unfortunately we also have an issue where we’ll show you messages again on other devices. We’re trying to work that out to behave a little better :wink: