BUG: middle of message disappears

I knew that if you post too long message in chat, it will not be published completely.
But, it also has 2 serious problems that lead to mislead and confusion.

I posted test text:

Test of too long chat message bug: Every inch of wall space is covered by a bookcase. Each bookcase has six shelves, going almost to the ceiling. Some bookshelves are stacked to the brim with hardback books: science, maths, history, and everything else. Other shelves have two layers of paperback science fiction, with the back layer of books propped up on old tissue boxes or lengths of wood, so that you can see the back layer of books above the books in front. And it still isn’t enough. Books are overflowing onto the tables and the sofas and making little heaps under the windows.

pressed “enter”

and that what I see:

user thinks that everything is OK

but others see that:

You have to refresh page to see what you really posted. Few know about it.

But, its not just cuts end of message, it cuts MIDDLE of it. So message may start to have sense that user not intended to write and not even know that that happened.


  1. user have to see what he really posted without refreshing the page
  2. middle of message should never disappear, end should (or there should be message “text too long”)

Someone posted question in Russian chat 10 hours ago, end of message not exists instead of middle, but its still terrible, they are not aware of it and will not get complete answer.


this seems easy to fix:
messages of user1 should never be showed for user1 in special way.
user have to see their own messages the same way as messages of other people - only after they downloaded from server. Not before it.

Also, there is another bug exists:
sometimes you see your messages in wrong order and with wrong time
(you see correct after refresh)

this method also will fix that bug too

This leads to double posts as many user assume the message got lost and post the same message again.


it still better than when user assume that their message successfully sent when in fact it lost

maybe “sending” indicator is needed that disappears only when proof of successfully sent message appears

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