Bug: missing help option from menu in game pages

A recent user interface has made the help option disappear from game pages (see http://imgur.com/LcpLBTN). The menu used to (I think) run along the top - now it’s just on top on the right hand side. The bug has 2 parts:

  1. the ‘help’ option in the menu bar (along with some other menu options) is either missing, obscured by the notification icons, or shunted off the page;

  2. the help option is also missing from the sliding menu controlled by the “GS” button.

The first problem seems to be related to responsiveness settings - and may not be replicable for all systems/window widths (I’m using Chrome on OSX with width of 1164px). The second looks like an actual omission.

Hello @geotheory,

it seems you have set OGS to fullscreen … please visit the right-hand menu and click

And BTW, it is not “the ‘GS’ button” but rather the “OGS button”, the :yin_yang: stands for the “O” :slight_smile:

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