Bug on stones with number one

When I’m normally play, and yesterday too, always when I put my white stone somewhere, it display for a second number one. Like in some edit more OR count down seconds. After that eyeblink time, it correctly display on stone that circle, showing last move. But that number it’s there in every stone placement for whites.

It’d be helpful if you give us more detail about your browser and version and os

i’m using newest mozilla firefox on windows 7 ultimate 32 bt

what version is listed under the about screen? The number just flashes and then goes away?

firefox ?

Im havin the same problem, it started after i clicked “numbers” or something like that in a review and was a problem in normales games since then.

i have relogged, restarted browser and still having same issue

Try going to the analysis board and click the number toggle thing in the drop down menu on the right side exactly one time. I think that just worked for me.
Its a weird bug but i think thats the workaround.