Bug report: after undo is accepted game is out of the count of games to respond to

this was already reported, Lost by time while Undo request, but seemed to be missed by the support team.

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This appears to still be the case.

I have to go the Home page to get to the game with the undo.

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I think, that by this effect I lost game by timeout. So I decided: no undo - as in real tournament games.

This just happened to me as well. https://online-go.com/game/4400520

My opponent granted me an undo request and I never got a notification that it was my move.


OGS is big already, thanks to y’all, and it is growing fast … and accordingly the number of support requests, much the more with the current AlphaGo rush, therefore I recommend summoning our devs (i.e. mentioning them with “@”) in such threads … I’m sure that @anoek and @matburt will appreciate because this is like a little beacon light :rotating_light: that draws attention to a thread … could make it easier to distinguish “urgent moves” from “big moves” :wink:

Until this has been sorted out, please visit your Home page every now and then if you have active games.

361 greetings :smiley:

I expected there was some bug tracking system the support team use to report confirmed bugs from the support forum to the developers. Guess I was wrong :disappointed:

This seems to still be the case. I log on to make my moves and work through until none of my games report needing action. I just got kicked out of the 13 by 13 ladder after approximately a year of fighting to stay in the top hundred. It’s frustrating.

I guess I’ll just refuse to undo or set a reminder for myself if I need to.