Bug report: completely wrong score display

Hi there,

hate to be the nagger once again :), but there is something wrong with the scoring and the display of scores. I looked at a game (from someone else, see screenshot).

The game was scored W+1.5. But when I switch to the end of the game, it says “W+1.5”, but the B and W scores are totally wrong. And when I hit “estimate score” in the same final position, the score is B+1.5. Not sure if this affects only finished games from the archive, or live games as well, but it does look wrong.

Bye, W.

A12, A14 and A15 are marked as Dame despite being blacks territory.

How? Especially what have I to do to reproduce your first screenshot?

Edit: To reproduce the first screenshot, one has to use the SE and then exit SE.

The scores for B and W aren’t wrong :wink:

  • For the first screenshot: Blacks score is equal to blacks territory (the black squares, 55) plus the 7 stones black has captured. Whites score is 28 points territory (marked with white squares), 17 prisoners and 6.5 komi. The problem here is that for some reason all stones seem to be alive.
  • In the second case you are using the score estimator. The score difference B+1.5 is calulated using area scoring, so it can be of in some cases. In this case however the difference is because of the 3 points falsely marked as dame.
    The individual scores of black and white are prisoners + komi. I don’t know why, it would probably be best to hide those numbers while SE is active.
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Seems somehow A15, A14, and A12 were marked as dame. How bizarre :thinking:

@flovo: First screenshot: yes, they are all alive, don’t know why. I simply opened that game. But what I meant was: the score display is B:62 W:51.5, and then the result “White wins by 1.5pts”. That is just wrong :slight_smile: B62 - W51.5 != W+1.5

Similar on second pic: B+7 and W+23.5 does not equal “Black by 1.5”. These numbers just don’t make any sense, and they do not reflect the board. EDIT: ok, you said it, the numbers only incl. prisoners and komi. But that doesn’t make sense either :wink:


@flovo: awesome response time, every time. even at midnight :slight_smile:

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