Bug report: Couldn't place stones with game paused

I think I encountered a bug and I couldn’t find it mentioned in other forum topics, so here goes.

I was playing a Live game when I was about to time out, and my opponent offered to play with the game paused. But when they did pause the game, I found myself unable to place stones, I couldn’t even see the “ghost sprite” that usually appears when you can place stones.

I had the idea to try going in and out of analyze mode, and it worked, enabling me to play with the game paused.

I don’t exactly know what’s the intended behavior of pausing games, but this feels like a bug to me.

Edit: Here is the link to the game, in case it can help investigate the bug: Slower game for 6k-16k players

We started playing paused at around move 38.


Can Not Move, that’s what the PAUSE say. If you want to move, tell your opponent to RESUME the game.

Either player can resume a game and typically play can continue while a game is paused, hence the bug report.