Bug report: difficulty accessing player info

In my game history on my profile page, clicking a players name does not bring up that players info, nor does it do anything else. Also, when searching for a player using the search box after clicking the top left OGS icon, it is not possible to enter a space, so names with a space are not searchable.


It works for me (Win10, Vivaldi 1.8.755.3). Clicking the name brings up a table from which I can navigate to the player’s profile:

However, the search indeed does not permit a space to be entered. :frowning:

Works for me as well (SRWare Iron 56.0.2950.0, win 7 x64). Maybe that’s premium feature now, for supporters only? :slight_smile:

ok, I wasn’t seeing the dialog box because after scrolling down to the game history part of the page, the pop up would appear on the part of the screen that was not in view. Another little matter though: after clicking the link to one name, clicking another name does not initiate a new pop up, but rather causes the first pop up to disappear.