[BUG?] Server Error when editing profile

Hi developers. I’m not sure where to report bugs. When I try to change something in my profile (such as my user name), I get a server error when I hit the save button (the archaic floppy disk icon).

Is this a known issue?


I’ve edited your title to attract more attention. :slight_smile:

Someone on the forum had a problem with editing their profile. What have you tried to change?
(I’ve succesfully changed the Real name, About and Country.)

Also, could you provide info about your browser?


As far as my experience goes it seems that the error occurs when you try to change your username to some that is already taken.
Just be careful what you change it to if you keep trying. :smiley:

(And do not end your username with a space like I did)


I can also confirm on chrome(most up to date) on windows 7. That I can edit my profile without error. Maybe you were just trying to take a name that was already taken.

A server error is a strange response to give in this case.

agreed :wink:

Well, I am quite convinced it is not intentional and will be adressed eventually :wink: But yes, you are technically correct (the best kind of correct).

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