Bug: sorting games by clock gives weird results

Sorting the games by clock time results in a quite erratic order.

Happens on the “Home” page and the “Profile” page too, both “Clock” and “Opponent’s clock” columns are affected.

I’ve seen the exact same (wrong) order consistently over multiple devices and browsers. (Chrome, Firefox)

One thing that always works though, is that games are correctly separated into two blocks by whose turn it is, but inside each block, sorting is weird.


After some contemplating (and reading some of the related javascript codes) i think i figured out what is happening with the sorting. :thinking:

The key is that it does not sort by any of the clock columns separately, it always sorts using a combination of both. The actual sorting uses the clock.expiration-s, which seems to be always representing the remaining time of the player whose turn it is.

So the sorting goes like this:

  • First the games are separated into two groups, based on whose turn it is
  • Then each group is sorted by the remaining time of the player whose turn it is - regardless of which column is selected for sorting
  • Then the selected column decides which group will be shown first.

One additional weirdness, that i cannot yet explain, is that Vacation / Paused games are out of order, in their otherwise properly sorted section (and not even at the very end, which would be sort of logical).

I think this image explains it all:


I would love to have this fixed. It is very confusing, and it doesn’t achieve the goal of sorting by clock… knowing which games you’re closest to timeout / most need to pay attention to keep moving.


I can half see the logic of you’re most likely to time out in the games it’s your move in so sorting them by time makes sense.

But yeah, I imagine the current sorting, even assuming you understand it is probably of limited use, especially sorting by opponents clock (unless you were trying to time certain opponents out, or find a very specific game).

Maybe just replacing the functionality of Clock makes sense, I don’t know what to replace “Opponents clock” with

The worst is that lines with “Weekend” or “Vacation” are completely out of order. I’ve found no explanation for that, i think that is really just a bug.
Otherwise it has it’s own logic, that you can get used to, if somewhat confusing at first.

YEah, its already been reported quite a few times