[BUG] UI overlapping

The changes of playing UI is really so uncomfortable. Have you ever feel like me ?

Especially, when mine put on the right side, I dont even see my left time. Why dont put the toolbox on the left side? Who will care about toolbox while playing go?

I have to said " what the f**king design" at the first times.
I hope OGS will change it soon !

Strange, I’m not experiencing any problems you have described.

You can be more helpful, though:

  • What’s your operating system?
  • What browser do you use?
  • What’s you screen resolution?

Also, I’ve changed the title of your thread to show more restraint. I hope you don’t mind.


After the update there are lots of things to be ironed out and I’m sure the devs are working around the clock to fix it all. The overlapping issues you described mostly depends on the hardware and software you are using. As @baelofoax mentioned , it would be more helpful if you could give some info on your hardware, software etc…


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