[BUG] Unexpected timeouts (after "pause on weekend" period ends)


I’ve had three of my games time out unexpectedly. All of them had “pause on weekend” time settings.

I’m not sure what exactly happened, but something is definitely off, and checking the json data reveals even more weirdness:

  • As i remember all of these games had enough time left to survive the night safely, but they didn’t.
  • There were no “time is running out” warning emails sent for these games.
  • All the timeouts happened around the same time, despite the fact that they had different amounts of time left - at the slightly suspicious time of 5 minutes after UTC midnight (!) (sunday/monday midnight, when the weekend pause period ends)
  • There is a weird now timestamp in the json, which points to April 9 (?!) (almost three months ago)
  • The end_time is before the expiration (Other timeouted games seem to have the end_time a few seconds atter the expiration)
  • The expiration time of all three games is still in the future (as i write this)

Based on the above, i suspect that there was some glitch on the server, which erroneously timed out the games when releasing the clocks after the weekend pause.

Here are the details of the three games: