Bug: Visual Glitches

Hello OGS team,
First of all, I want to say thank you for making an amazing site for playing go, I do not have a game board at home nor any clubs nearby, so this site is very useful to me. :slight_smile:

During the time that I have been playing go on OGS (not very long), I have noticed several visual glitches:

  1. When searching for a live match, the select a game area does not properly display player names and game information.
    Ex: Player name is Player1 20k, and it will show Player2 3k, and despite me being a 20k I can click on the Player2, because it is really Player1.
    However, when I do click on it, the game overview box shows the correct game and player information.
    Occasionally, the button does go back to Player1(the correct game information), but only after several seconds.

  2. When looking at your kyu rating, kyu rating on the home screen and the kyu ratings on the “view profile” screen, are usually different by 1 kyu.
    Ex: 20 kyu on home screen and 19 kyu on profile screen, or 21 kyu on home screen and 20 kyu on profile screen
    Refreshing either page doesn’t help.

I think number one may be due to my slow internet.

I can provide more information to help you fix these, if these are actually bugs and not my slow computer.

Thank you,

The listing of the live games is the same for me, too. What I’ve noticed is that the list loads the Accept, Remove, Can’t Accept buttons before it loads the names. If no new challenges appear for a few seconds, it seems good then.