Bug when creating blitz tournament

Hello dear devs,
when I create a tournament I want to do a absolute time 10 mn for a blitz tournament, so I select real time or blitz time (no influence on what follows) >>>


But after I select “10 minutes” it appears that It goes directly to 30s and I cannot select more than 5 minutes


Also, is it curently possible to personnalize the timing as I would like it to fit to what we have for an IRL tournament : 12mn absolute time.

All the best and many thanks again for your understanding and availability,

Loïc L

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Don’t know if it would help, but I am pretty sure that 10 or 12 minutes would be considered a live tournament instead of a blitz. That could be why it won’t stay at 10 min.

No. I can confirm the bug and it’s very easy to reproduce.

Simply try to create a tournament like this…

  1. Click ‘Create Tournament’ from a group page.
  2. ‘Game Speed’ select ‘Live’.
  3. ‘Time Control’ select ‘Absolute’.
  4. The default comes up as 15m. Try to select 10m from the available options.

The settings now switch themselves to blitz absolute 30s.


As a work-around I would suggest using a live byo-yomi clock with 10m main time (or less) and just a single 10s byo-yomi period.

Well the name says “when creating a blitz tournament”. I take that as the person is trying to make it a blitz tournament, not trying to make it live.

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You are right. The bug occurs when you start with and are trying to make a live tournament though for myself I would consider 10m absolute time to be blitzy.

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I agree, although the site argues that it is live. I guess the name of the topic confused me, making me think that the issue was due to them trying to make the blitz tournament longer than it was supposed to be. One could argue either way for 10 min, especially throughout the different board sizes - I would consider it more live on a 9x9, but then on a 19x19, I would consider it blitz. I don’t make live tournaments often and often use the same rule set for live games, so I don’t actually know if it is different in tournaments or if it is the same.

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The point is that it happens when you create a live tournament or a blitz tournament, this is actually not really the point to be debated :confused:

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