[Bugfix] Unable to create or join games

Hello guys,

Today I ran in to a bug which made it so that I was incapable of starting or joining any (live) games. After noticing that in-cognito mode was working fine I decided to look for a permanent fix and here is what I found.

Note that this fix has only been tested with Google Chrome and might not work for you.

First we need to go to our settings page in Google Chrome, note that my browser is in Dutch, but the physical places of all elements involved should be the same.
Find the 3 bars in the top right corner of the browser and click it:

This will open a drop down menu in which the settings option should become available as illustrated below:

Having opened this tab, we will have to enable advanced settings on the bottom side of the page:

Having found this link, click it.
This will result in several more options, most importantly: the privacy tab.
Find this tab and press the right most button.

Once in the popup window be sure to select a time period that is of a longer duration then the time you’ve been having this problem.
Select the option with hosted app data (as shown below)

And press the delete data button (left from the cancel button) to complete.

Hope to have helped!

For some reason this doesn’t work for me :<

Unfortunately the fix is only temporary. For a more specifix fix (so that you don’t delete other cache), instead of clicking “Clear browsing data…” click the button next to it, “Content Settings…” Under cookies, click on “All cookies and site data…” On the top right of the pop-up, search online-go. You should see the website url on the left, click on it. Click on local storage and then remove.

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