Bugged game blocking the Honinbo Nines Title Tournament 2014

The first round of the 9x9 Honinbo 2014 is finished. Well, not exactly. Two players who should have timed out since months are still “playing” a game, which appears to be bugged. I can’t load it: http://online-go.com/game/548390. In the profile page of the players it says that none of the players made a move at all.

Can some admin close this game so that the tournament can continue? The result of this game doesn’t matter at all. All players in the lower parts of that group did time out their games, so they won’t play in the second round anyway.

This leads to a second question: Do players who time-out on all their games get passed on to the next round in simul mcmahon tourneys? If yes, I hope they end all in the same group so that they don’t disturb the players that are actually playing in the tournament. I have the impression that about a third of the players who signed up never played a move.

I think that no one is eliminated is SM tournaments, although they actually timeout or don’t play at all. All players play all rounds…