Bugs and Improvements

Hello OGS ! I have some bug reports and a few things I think could be better.

  1. The player list does not show the player’s while being the player’s in a live match you have to refresh to see them.

  2. Ctrl + click tool in demo board is not working

  3. In a demo board you can’t pass control to another player (only tested in demo boards)

  4. Broken libraries (though I am sure you already know this one and are workin on it!)

  5. I do not think the search player thing needs it’s own window (what we had in the previous version for search player was compact and great!)

  6. It would be super if the variation’ sharing would have numbered moves

  7. I think demo board owner’s should be capable of using the variation tool especially when just doing a relay of a pro match that way they can just share variations and not break the tree :smile:

  8. Friend’s should have a special color :smiley: !

  9. I think the color coding for supporters shoudl be changed to purple or as sousys reccomended (which I agree with) that only mod and dev colors should actually show up in the chat having the supporter color in the player list is enough :smile: ! all of the colors create a headeche :frowning:

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Cool thanks for the notes, we’ve jotted them down and will be crunching through them :slight_smile:

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