Bugs & Stuff from the just launched nonbeta OGS 4.0

I will try to collect all my findings on this thread. I’m using latest 32bit chrome

1. Minor UI glitch
Spectators can see and push the appearing extra buttons on “stone removal phase” nothing happens though.

2. UI controls
Hitting F1, F2, F4-F9 keyboard shortcuts will enter analyze mode only when keyboard focus is not on the chat input field. If focus is on chat input then chrome will use it’s own keyboard shortcuts.

3. UI controls continued
Shift-Click (jump to move) or CTRL-Click (coordinate to chat input) are not working in analyze mode.

4. F2 tool is broken
F2 tool (add stones) is only able to add black stones. It should add white stones with Shift-Clicking

5. Scoring tool still trying to score the game in analyze mode
Entering the analyze mode after a game has been scored won’t remove the scoring tool. So adding stones will make the scoring tool to update the situation accordingly. Doesn’t matter if you are on move 3 or move 300.

6. Cannot see demo boards in game history, game library or my games
Demo games can only been found when they are linked?

7. Shared variations have no move numbers on demo boards.

8. Opening anything from the “Game Lobby & Chat” window should be in a new tab/window
It helps to keep the chat window open all the time. Chat window is the hearth of OGS.

9. Observe Games window can’t count
The amount of board thumbnails doesn’t go hand to hand with the “number of games being played” message. Also sorting by rank or game speed doesn’t have persistent icon. Hard to know what is the current selected sorting method.

10. In game creation selecting random as a color doesn’t work

11. Partial UI lockdown with F2 tool on analyze mode.
On game http://online-go.com/game/671147 if one enters analyze mode and uses F2 tool to create a situation where black will eat something. The UI will partially freeze. One cannot hit “Back to the game button” or add more stones. Only way to get it working is to remove the last edit with delete(or mouse X)
This one is weird because I cannot reproduce it in any other game.
Ok I can reproduce it on some but not all games that have finished.

12. Fischer timed games have wrong game info’s about times
The fields about time are wrong in game info.

13. Resign not working on game http://online-go.com/game/671482
This worked after I reloaded the game. Weird stuff. It didn’t show a green dot to me even though I was in the game. Connection issues perhaps?

14. Resume not working on http://online-go.com/game/671482
Resume button doesn’t work. Trying to pause from the side menu (while it’s already paused by me) will reduce my "remaining pauses left"
This also seems to be the same connection issue.

15. Game tree UI glitch
While following a demo or a review. One can navigate the game tree freely (NOT controlling the demo or review) and delete any move (or a whole branch) from his LOCAL game tree. Then if one “refreshes” (from the small icon) the game tree position (to get to see what the controller is doing) one cannot see the deleted branches on the game tree (even if the controller is current on them) the stones appear on the board alright. Just the game tree is broken. Page refresh is needed to show the deleted branches. The game tree refresh icon will only seem to refresh the original game line. Not any variations that were shared in the chat.

16. Trying to view a specific board position in review/demo get’s hijacked by the controller
If one wants to view the board as it was on move N and the controller is viewing the board position forward of move N then the spectator can just see the situation that one wanted to see. However if the controller moves to any move before

N and then goes to any move after N the spectators viewing the position at N are hijacked and now follow the controller again.


My entire finished game history seems to be gone :frowning: (but at least we have emoticons now)

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since when do we have emoticons? (forums don’t count, we didn’t write that :))

Your game history isn’t lost, we’re wrestling with the indexing service, it’ll all be back up in the next day or so

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Excellent reports @Pempu , they’ve been filed and we’ll be working on em

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Yeah, I was referring the emoticons in the forum and being sarcastic in implying that the new forum emoticons make up for the (temporarily) lost game history.

Is there a more formal systems to file bug reports?

Nope forums is it, we’re going to give this a try and see how it goes. Our previous attempts at providing a bug system turned out pretty bad, so we’re hoping this will be more useful.


Just a small usability stuff on this post.
The username on a user’s profile should be clickable.
It’s difficult to private chat with a person who’s profile you are looking at.

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http://online-go.com/library/sgf-collection has horizontal scroll bar constantly.

Also I will lose the button “Create collection” if I hit any of the created SGF collection names I have in there. After that happens, hitting the “SGF Collections” button in the Main menu doesn’t reload the page. I have to navigate elsewhere and then hit the “SGF Colelctions” link to get that button back.

ESC is not working to get out of Score estimation.

Also entering Analyze mode could automatically put the input focus for text in the “Variation name” input box. Input focus should then need to be returned to chat input when hitting ESC (or “Back to the game” button)

This was a bad idea.

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[quote=“Pempu, post:9, topic:580, full:true”]
ESC is not working to get out of Score estimation. [/quote]Yes, ESC would be very nice here, too.

[quote]Also entering Analyze mode could automatically put the input focus for text in the “Variation name” input box.[/quote]No, not good b/c then the arrow keys would not be recognized as move forward/backward.

[quote]Input focus should then need to be returned to chat input when hitting ESC (or “Back to the game” button[/quote]Yes, this I’d like.

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Open game offers don’t refresh the challenges when the creator of the challenge changes his/hers rank.
I just accepted open challenge marked as 3d. In the game the guy was 3k and there was 5 handicap stones on the board.
He had changed rank after the open challenge was created.

Changing the font size in chrome under advanced settings and “Web content” will change the size of usernames in the chat but not the messages. It looks very weird.

If users rank is below 30k his/hers open challenges wont show in the graph.

I feel like the movetree section of the “Themes” portion in settings is completely unnecessary. Why would anyone care if the move tree shows move numbers or not? Also I cannot see who would want to see coordinate labels on the move tree.(I tried it…)
Removing this setting (just always show them numbers) would be one small step to simplify the page(maybe even code?).

Just a minor aesthetic issue, but on most pages of the site (main page, my games page, user profile pages, library, etc.), the page title (what is displayed on the browser tab) is usually something like “Game Finished”, “Black to Move”, or “White to Move” (whichever was the case for the last game page that I viewed). The only time it says “The best place to play go online!” is when I initially visit the site and before I view any games.

In my profile I dropped to 2295 (2d) after game http://online-go.com/game/700559 still in the next 2 games I’m marked as 3d.

F2 tool (adding stones) now properly places white stones with SHIFT. The mouse cursor “ghost stone” doesn’t turn to white when holding down shift though.
As another thing that has been said before but I will repeat it here.
The new stones that are placed with F2 tool will create a new “move” or a “branch” in the game tree. This is not ideal. It would be ok if the F2 tool would work as marking tools. Not making any changes to the move tree. Maybe just a symbol in the move tree stone.
Also I’d love to be able to “draw” with the F2 tool. The marking tools currently allow you to drag mouse and place many many markings. I’m not sure how this would work for touch interface though.

A bug report in here.
You will lose all the markings that you have done, if you move mouse cursor to the player boxes.

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Vertically resizing the review window/tab will break move tree. Doesn’t break the move tree in games. Only in reviews.
Clicking on a stone or using arrow keys will “fix” the game tree again.

Probably best to open new topics at this point… it’s hard for us to reference something buried as a comment under a top level post. I’m closing this topic.