C̶l̶o̶c̶k̶ ̶L̶a̶g̶ Audio loss

So I was streaming, I have a clip here… Twitch

I was playing a game and was over an hour into the game. The clock audio was clearly working. Then it had an error submitting move and I refreshed the page. Then the clock stopped working and I lost on time when I was winning. I now feel like I just wasted an hour and should have played on fox. I didn’t lose connection to stream or anything. This never happens on Fox or even KGS for that matter. (Client side)

I’ve seen this problem for a long time and I’m wondering why it hasn’t been fixed yet? I don’t really care about annulling the game because it wasn’t my opponent’s fault. But why should I play ranked OGS games and take a risk of losing over an hour of effort?


Edit: Youtube link Lost to Clock - YouTube



It seems to be only available to subscribers.

That said, the “error submitting move” can be particularly annoying, and refreshing the page can be quite slow at times.

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Shared to youtube.

Almost never :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve actually no idea what happened in that video. There was an error submitting move on move 182 N19, but it seems with the refresh the game played on, and your opponent made a move and then back to you.

From the video it just looks like you didn’t play any move on what would be move 184, no stone clicking sound like on 182, and you were counting something?

That said there was no countdown on Sudden Death for some reason…


The “Error Submitting” thing happens to me a little often nowadays, though it rarely caused me a game, because I typically play on 10 seconds left. :sweat_smile:

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Probably because it is technically hard. But I agree it’s infuriating; the ability to play moves is the core feature of a go server and more important than bells and whistles.

Funnily enough this echoes a recent reddit question about why don’t all go servers use browser rather than a client, I gave reliability of real time communication as a reason. https://www.reddit.com/r/baduk/comments/wksetz/why_do_most_go_servers_still_use_dedicated_sw/

Can you expound on what you perceive to the be problem?

On you youtube video, at 1:52 you received the “last period” sound bite, shortly after you submitted a move (during the last period), had a move submission error, but then it went through, reloaded, your clock was showing you correctly had one full byo-yomi period left (your last one).

Then at 2:58 you didn’t play a move and you lost by timeout.

Please keep in mind, the moment you click to place a move, the client will render that stone and play the stone placement sound, there’s no waiting on the server - it’s instant. So, if you believe you clicked to place, it wasn’t a lag issue, it was that the click wasn’t registered, which might have been a mouse slip issue or something like that, but not lag.

Also keep in mind that when you submit a move the client will send how much time is left on the clock, which the server uses as the official time left so long as it’s reasonably close to what the server thought. So in this way we have moved passed timeouts caused from lag, unless it’s a lot of lag (like your network connection dropped out right before placing a stone or something and didn’t come up for many many seconds after you should have timed out by all rights). That’s not what happened here, the client simply did not believe you had made a move.


There was no countdown in the last byo-yomi.


In the video I thought it was lag. But in truth it was the fact that the audio stopped after the submit move error. I don’t look at the clock in overtime I just use my ears. So if it stops talking I can’t play.

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