Calling all DDK

@xhu98 and I would like to start a series of reviews for DDK players. The reviews would be centered around a particular theme specific to each review (opening, life & death, tesuji, etc…). The process would be as follows:

  1. I review a game and pick a theme.
  2. I send the SGF off to @xhu98. He will review my review and give me any pointers related to the theme
  3. I record a quick video for the review and post the SGF along with it.
  4. @xhu98 will add some whiz-bang to the video with his super video editing skills. Time constraints have made this one not possible
  5. Video is posted.

But first, we need players to volunteer games for review!* I am around 5k-6k AGA and @xhu98 is an AGA 4d. I would like to get going on these videos early next week. Any contributions will be greatly appreciated. :smiley:

*If you are uncomfortable having your username in a video, you can contact me via PM on OGS with the game and I will remove any personal data from the file before filming and posting.


Ill play a game ASAP and post it here =D

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I played two games, both of them were meh. HowToPlay? + Resignation HowToPlay? + 27.5

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Thank you for taking the initiative and doing this. Could you please review this game?

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Here’s another game:

Thanks for doing this!

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Thanks a lot! I will be writing up the SGF files this weekend and sending them to @xhu98 for review. I’ll begin recording videos early next week.

Hey, maybe?

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I play mostly correspondence games so I don’t have much to add to this list on a regular basis, but you’re free to use any of my games in your reviews.

One that you might find interesting is this one:

While I technically won, I was pulling from behind for most of the game and both I and my opponent made quite a few mistakes. It has the advantage of also being a Malkovich game so you can get an idea of what we were planning and thinking.

Thanks for making this content! Sounds great!

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Thanks for the offer; here are two games.


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I don’t feel too bad about having played thus far, though there’s been pretty obvious blunder.

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Here’s a game I’d love to see reviewed. It’s pretty simple, not much fighting involved and 2 huge mojos developing, but somehow I got behind in a big way, although I didn’t see it coming…

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Thanks for the great response! I am currently working on reviews and plan to start recording on Wednesday. Hoping to have a queue of videos lined up so i can release at least one a week. I’ll make sure to link vids in the Teaching category.

not sure if it too late to submit a game at this time.

I was seeking to reduce black’s moyo in this game but meanwhile i was help him to gain a lot of territory, so I hope someone can point out what I’ve done wrong in my invasion. If he cut my invasion’s connection to living group, then what should I do to live and reduce?

I was running out of time at the end so I’m aware that my last few moves in the game is pretty bad( lost my chance to kill back).

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Not too late at all. I will add it to the list. It will be a couple of weeks before i get back to reviewing though, I am at US Go Congress this week.

Much obliged!

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I got home yesterday evening, so I will be starting up again today or tomorrow. Thanks again for all the support!