Can I ask for a review of my review? 10k

Weird request, but I’m sure there there’s plenty I missed

Quick and dirty


Thanks very much Pempu!
It’s hard to see my own mistakes, so I appreciate you taking look.

Here’s my (dubious) general advice:

Keep in mind the goal of a review is to help a player improve their future games. It’s easy to tear a weaker player’s game apart, but only some of their mistakes contain lessons that apply beyond a specific board.

For example, fighting variations tend to be incredibly specific to an individual game - usually it’s not worth it to comment on these. Similarly, long, multi-branched variations simply clutter your analysis tree and make it difficult to understand - again, avoid these.

I like to skim through games before doing the review and try to find 2-3 big themes (Ex: Poor endgame, direction of play, shape problems, etc.) List these out on the first move with a general “big picture” explanation of the problems and some advice - this gives them context as they go through the review. Then, focus your review on pointing out moves that help reenforce these points.