Can I easily find the additional key moves in the AI Review?

The AI Review will provide 3 key moves and then list a number of additional key moves ("+4 more). The top 3 key moves have buttons to click to move to that board position but the additional moves do not. Is there a way to enable buttons for these moves? I cannot find a list of what the additional key moves even were. Is this possible to do? I understand that I can manually scan though every move in the game to identify the biggest swings in points and rank them myself. But I am hoping for an easy solution. Thanks all.

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Short: nope!

Long: supporters have full AI analysis, which shows every move suggested by AI, but they don’t get that piece of information. “Other” key moves are a mystery! :grin:

Other softwares may provide a short list of all the moves that can be considered as blunders, setting a threshold in winrate. IIRC Ai Sensei does that.


Thank you for confirming. I am a supporter so I can scan though the entire game and find AI variations, but I find myself getting lost in AI variations and I’d rather focus on the key learning points.


Make sure the evaluation is on the score side of the toggle rather than win percentage, then look for the biggest spikes in the graph (which can be clicked on to jump to moves, in case you didn’t know) … this is currently our best alternative to the arguably superior key moves list you and many others desire :slight_smile:


Thank you for the tip.