Can I find the number of games I have played?

Is there a way to find the number of games I have played? Say I want to know how many 9x9, 13x13 or 19x19 games I have played. The only way I know is to filter by board size in the profile page and count.

you can click rank table and see number of ranked games on graph

use multiplication

Doing that now. Would be nice to have a quick way to get number of games played by board size and other types (ranked/unranked, correspondence/live/blitz etc)

there are 10 games on page. You can see number of pages. Just imagine additional “0” after it.

but no correspondence/live/blitz here…

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Don’t have the link but there is a statistic external tool. (I don’t use it)

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The external tool Groin mentioned ^


You can filter by clicking on the corresponding rating and then the number of games is above the pie chart


Perfect. Thank you