Can I get a teaching game?

I am new to go. I know a couple of basic strategies, but that’s it. So if anyone can play a game with me, I would appreciate it.

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Assuming you want a live game, I would recommend asking in the chat.

If you are a complete beginner it may be a good idea to try 9x9 first - 19x19 has more diverse strategies to consider, but you will more easily appreciate these after learning the basics on 9x9 games.

yeah, I was wanting a 9x9 anyway, Thanks for the advise

Just click on play, then on Find a Game. You can choose the settings you want to play.

I am a complete beginner, too, although I started back in July. Still, I am learning the basics. Want to play a 9x9 with me? :smiley:

I’m also a complete beginner, but would be glad to play with you.

I also just discovered a tutorial for beginners. Try it out!

And as always I too am happy to play :slight_smile: if any of you would want a correspondence game just send me a challenge, if you are going for live that might be harder, but feel free to send me a friend request and ask when you see me online.

Looks great! Definitely going to be trying it out a few times!