Can I make an account to find out how strong gridmaster is?

The lowest difficulty always beats me , so I was wondering if I could make an account to find out its rank.

No - you shouldn’t play bot moves on a user account. This is especially true in ranked games, which you’d need to play to try and determine this anyway. That’s a good way to get banned.


I don’t think this would work very well anyway because even if you created a bot account for it, bot ranks tend to be very volatile due to the way people use/abuse them.

Your best bet is to just ask in forums. Someone can probably give you a good estimate.

ps. Can someone give me a good estimate of ManyFaces 11.0 OGS rank?


The standard AI in gridmaster is called Steenvreter, although it is a lite version of Steenvreter. It’s somewhere around strong DDK / weak SDK, I think (or at least it feels like that on my phone, but my phone is not very powerful). To beat it, you have to stop playing puppy go: it plays a lot of local moves that are actually gote. Just tenuki and grab larger points.

By the way, you can download other AI for gridmaster as well, including Leela, which is very strong (near professional level), and LeelaZero, which is even stronger (super-human). I have Leela on it, but playing a game will drain about half of my battery, so it’s not really worth it :stuck_out_tongue:


Perhaps this will tell you something? A British 1k claiming to beat it while giving it 9 stones handicap. That doesn’t of course tell a lot, since most bots aren’t good with using their handicap effectively.

On the other hand, I now see that’s written in 2002, so it was probably the hardware.

According to senseis it achieved 2d on KGS

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This is fairly consistent with my own guess. I would say around 11k OGS.

I reckon this was a later version. Not ManyFaces 11.0

I hope someone can reply similarly to the OP.

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