Can I request a reduction in emails

I know that a previous suggestion lapsed because of lack of interest but I think it is about time to raise it again.
The problem is that the new tournament has flooded my email with move notifications. Now I appreciate the notice, but one for every game where it is my move is getting too many.

If a new move is made in a game and the player has received a previous email in the last 2 days and not visited the site to reply then a further notice could be warranted.
Alternatively having sent a notice no further notices should be sent even, if another game move is required, until the recipient logs in, whether he plays or not.
Lets try to save the planet and save some unneeded email traffic.

We do have it planned to do email batching, but in the meantime you can disable turn notifications here:


Another way to deal with this is allowing the user to receive all notifications of the last 24 hours in a single daily email instead of one email per notification.


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Yeah… I saw anoek’s answer pop-up at the same time I sent my reply ^^’

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Ah, I didn’t notice that both your comments were written at the same time :slight_smile:

Anoek, I do appreciate the emails that I get but this morning I had to delete 16 emails telling me that I had a move waiting. Stopping all the emails is NOT the solution.
Please try to put a higher priority on solving it.

Also batch emails is not the solution for someone like myself who tries to respond to my games within an hour of the opponent’s move.

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