Can RoyalZero on OGS defeat pro players?

I heard Leelazero already defeat many pro, but since RoyalZero on OGS is 3200-visits version so I wonder it defeats pro or not.

RoyalZeroSlow has played against Lee Hae-jin (Haylee) and beaten her several times. She is a 4 dan pro


Currently Hajin Lee (Haylee) 4p is playing an 8 game match where every 2 lossss you get a handicap stone.
So far she has lost 4 out of 4 games played.

@yebellz beat me to it haha


I think the crux of the question is whether Leela with number of visits capped to 3200 can beat a pro. Matches with Haylee were on full power with pondering, I think.

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I love Haylee and I love her ongoing series of matches against Leela, but in the interest of full accuracy, she’s a retired pro. She was 3p when she was active and was promoted to 4p upon retirement. I dont think we have any active pros on OGS, do we? (Not that I think they’d fare much better, though… Insane how strong Leela is)

every doubling is 120 elo increment. LZ at 60 visit is Leela 11 strength. cgos leela 11 is 3500 which is 3000 goratings elo. Since this is six doublings to get to around 3200, it is about 700 boosted to 3700 which is top pro.

short answer is yes. its alteady top pro at 3200

I am not so sure. I saw LZ making moves that were stupid even by kyu standards and hamete mistakes needing 60 000+ playouts to play correct move…