Can some one play a teaching game with me? (total newbie)

If you’re willing to play a teaching game with me, just ignore everything below this and shoot me a message. Thanks!

Ok, if you’re here and reading this but don’t want to teach me, since you’re here anyway could you explain how a teaching game works exactly? I’ve never had one before so I’m interested as to the details. I understand the general concept and roughly what would happen, but does the teacher discuss moves and strategy before you do it, do they tell you what you should have done after you make a move? Do they play all out and just help you keep up with instructions or do they go easy on you? If this caused your palm to come in contact with your face then I appologize, but I appreciate your help! :smile:

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It really depends on the teacher. Some like to play and discuss during the game. Others will play and then review after.

One common component though, is that the teacher is generally not playing their hardest, rather they are playing moves to see how you react.

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I guess that makes sense! Thanks!