Can someone point me to how to use review boards to teach go?

I just tried to use a review (ivisire2255 vs. david265) to teach a beginner who had read the rules of go, after we had tried to play a teaching game. It was frustrating! We could not see each others’ moves. There has to be a better way to teach. Can someone fluent with these tools please help me? Is there a way to see each others moves but also quickly undo both b and w moves so new positions can be set up quickly? If not, is IGS or KGS better for doing this? Or is there another tool that just communicates moves and lets either side set up playing positions? That would be my ideal online software for teaching or learning. I don’t need AI, scoring, challenges, or anything else fancy, just sharing a board and stones online. Kind of like Analysis Mode, but with two people sharing the analysis.

In any review, one person controls the board, and the other person sees what the person in control does. If you are the review creator, you can give control to the other person and take back control whenever you want.

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I think this has been requested for as long as the server exists because kgs existed prior to it and it had that feature. Not sure if the situation has changed but it doesn’t look like it. If so kgs has the exact solution you’re looking for.

How different is KGS? On KGS also, only one player at a time is in control of the review.

The teacher can take control of the teaching game at any time and instantly review the game on the go, adjust any moves, etc, and then resume the game.
As far as I know, not possible on ogs.

Oh, you are talking about the “teaching game” feature on KGS?

It doesn’t exist on OGS but I don’t think that was OP’s question.

Maybe I misunderstood the question.

I thought this describes that functionality

a way to see each others moves but also quickly undo both b and w moves so new positions can be set up quickly?

But also I think it’s a natural functionality to have because this is exactly how teaching games and reviews work over the board. I’m not sure as to why ogs still loses to a piece of wood in this regard.

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This sounds strange to me.
Maybe there’s something that I miss.

I try to recap, please tell me where I’m wrong.

  • the game is finished
  • one player, let’s call him “the teacher”, starts a review. He has to create a review on OGS. That isn’t the game page, that’s another page specific for review. If you try to review in the game page you enter analysis mode which is visible only for one player
  • in the review page only one player (the teacher) has control, so he must play sequences for both players. If both players are on the same page, they both see moves played by the teacher
  • if they want, teacher can pass control to the student. In that case only the student can play moves until he gives back control to the teacher

Reviews on ogs are meant to be managed by one person at a time.
When someone creates a review page from a game, a link to the review page appears in the game page chat. The student (and everybody else) must follow that link to see the review.
It’s not possible for spectators to make moves in the review page.

So, back to your quote, I fear you weren’t actually in review mode because you both were making moves, which is not possible in a review.

I understand that in a review, if the teacher has the control then the student can still click on the board and explore variations, but the teacher doesn’t see what the student is doing. Reviews on KGS work in the same fashion. This is not the same thing as teaching games, which only exist on KGS:

It is possible for the reviewer to pass control to somebody else, by clicking on their name. (and take control back later by clicking on their own name)

(someone correct me if I’m misremembering the details)

Yes, I’ve said that too.
But also in that case only one person is allowed to play moves and variations: the person who’s in control at that moment.
You can’t have two players each one making their own moves in a review.

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Oh sorry, missed that you already mentioned it!

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I was in review mode, just like your list described. We thought we would be able to review the game we had just played, and I set up new positions and both of us tried to resume playing. But only my moves happened, and only I saw them, so it was impossible to use the review game to teach go. To clarify, when I teach I want the student to try making moves so that I can explain why they are good or bad moves. Anyway, the frustration level was high and we had to give up learning.