Can someone quickly examine this game I had? 19x19

(I’m white)

Such a great game. My profile says 25k and my first win was against someone who is 10k. Is this bad or good?

What does this match look like to you? To me it looks like a mess, but maybe it’s actually really good.

Funny joke, but this game tells me you are around 30k, possibly even worse because i cannot tell how many illegal moves you tried since the site blocks those. Your opponents rating is also fake, he managed to play on the corner - A19 - on top of all his other bad moves.

I strongly suggest you play trough some of the online go tutorials, there are many and they should give you some basic ideas on the game. for example but there are many more.


Hehe, what? :smiley:
Soooo is this serious, or some joke I don’t get?

If you really mean it, then no, the game is not good. Black plays almost randomly (nowhere NEAR 10K).
To you I would suggest to browse through some tutorials (As Dorus says) and quite possibly start playing on a smaller board first.

You would learn the basics and concepts quicker. The games are faster and you can play more of then, rather then spending an hour on a really bad game of 19x19. If you want, we can schedule some games together and I can walk you through the BASIC concepts and ideas of go. Sorry to say it so bluntly, but the game you played here is almost meaningless.


I might take you up on that offer some time

Anytime :-),
just remember I am nowhere near the top of the proverbial ladder, so basic ideas and strategies are all you can get from me, but hopefully enough to make you feel more comfortable in the world of go.

Alternatively, we also have several groups for starting players (for example here:, where you can also find (perhaps more experienced) players who would surely be willing to share some of their tricks with you. :wink:

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I just realize this topic was a while ago, but i just ran in a list of good learn resources :slight_smile:

My personal favorite is i just also realize that site has an english variant, that’s why i didn’t share it before, i only knew about the Dutch course :slight_smile:

It’s just this site that made me grow from 30k to 10k in under 1 year. In fact i came into the game at ~15k after just 2 months of practice there and hardly any games. Could have done it faster i’m sure but i’m only solving those puzzles in my spare time 1-2 times a week. Less now i also play actual games :slight_smile: