Can someone review my game please 14/11k


I would love a review about that game,
I think I could have easily win but I got my moyo destroyed by my oponent
I though I was ahead for a long time
I must have done a lot of mistake


and sorry english is not my native language


This is the review of the game from my 10k/9k perspective… :slight_smile:

Like I say in the review, I would not call Black position a Moyo. See those two games for what I think is a moyo :: at move 29 and 71 more specifically. at move 36. (not finished yet, so I don’t know if I will win or not. so do not take this as an exemple of a good Moyo, but just as a Moyo position.) Black tries to invade white Moyo, but it’s not easy because of all the surrounding white stones.

I hope it helps!


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Well, and even though fstop already gave you a nice review a decided to share my own, since our opinions differ on some issues… (that’s go for you…)

Maybe someone stronger will come along and make me eat my words and adjust my ideas :slight_smile:

My overall thoughts:

  • learn to sacrifice
  • improve your endgame

Nice ko-fights though :smiley: always nice to see someone loves a good ko

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thanks a lot for taking the time

I didn’t like ko fight before but now I find them very technical and interesting

sacrifice is hard,
I know the goal is not to capture stone and avoiding capture but it’s hard to really get it during a game
I love too much taking a big group and I hate loosing stone