Can we have a "Tesuji" category in Forums?

Hi support, all,

I see the 2020 thread about too many or too general categories in forums, but I am looking for a category (a discussion forum) to discuss tesuji problems or go problems in general. This is to compensate the limited answers provided in the books. I am working on Tesuji Dictionary by Segoe & Go, and the book has provided as many as three diagrams to some problems already, however, for an attachment move, there are usually four possible responses plus the tenuki moves, so from time to time, I struggle to figure out the variations of the other moves that the book doesn’t provide in the answers, and without a more specific category, when I post such a question, there are very limited number of replies possibly since the category is much broader in scope or is not much related to tesuji. Therefore, I am wondering if a “tesuji” category is helpful. I have seen the “joseki” category being very helpful, when I post a question about joseki, there are many serious replies and that helps me a lot. Your comments are highly appreciated.

Thanks, Dino

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Sure the general go discussion is too wide category and it would be awesome to have it split but the problem is to have well separated categories so you don’t have to search something in different places.

A tesuji category seems to me like a problem in that. Many different topics can talk about that (for example some joseki can go in the joseki category as well as in a tesuji category.)

Besides categories we could use a tag system maybe? I dunno if discourse, the software behind the forum, has this option somewhere.

For a post which seem to span different categories, this is normal, but I think the post almost always has a main focus category. Take tesuji and joseki as an example: In the case when a joseki has tesuji in it: A joseki can have opening, tesuji, life and death (+ capture race), mid-game (sabaki, attack, invasion, reduction, probing, etc.), , etc. in it, but when we want to know what are the right variations or how to apply a joseki in a real game, the main focus is on joseki not opening, tesuji or life and death. The reason I am working on tesuji specifically is that I am struggling to improve from 6k+ to 1d at Pandanet and I plateau here for about 200 games out of the 600 total games, and I realize later that I have to improve my tesuji, in addition to opening, joseki, mid-game, and end game, or I will never reach 1d. Here tesuji is not just for those specific tactics or shapes, but many things: opening, joseki, mid-game, and end game, or just one thing: reading. The practice to take to improve reading has two aspects: either life and death or tesuji, in this sense, tesuji is everything except life and death about reading. More important of all, tesuji is the key skill to master to go from sdk to 1d, That’s the reason I think this category is helpful. My humble opinion. Thanks again.