Can we make it obvious when conditional moves have been played out?


What’s not clear is why you need this information.

Especially if you play so many games that you can’t remember what you were doing, then don’t you just evaluate the position that you see in front of you?

And note that this feature would only tell you that your programmed moves were executed, not what branches existed and which one was taken.


Speaking for myself, it’s wanted and enough to spot the played stones entering a planned sequence with a special numbering pattern-colour-whatever.

But, well, this what me would like… :slight_smile:



Could an easily implemented and satisfying solution to this problem be to automatically add conditional branches to the Malkovich log?


Interesting idea. Maybe put this in UserVoice or ask in Github?

For shorter sequences I have meanwhile begun putting the moves in my Malkovich log.

Summoning @matburt and @anoek, maybe they like the idea.



What happen for those who don’t want to share them with their opponent?

For any reason… I haven’t thought of any :slight_smile:



Make it optional as a user setting? :slight_smile: After thinking about it for a while, the link between conditional moves and the Malkovich log struck me as so obvious that I’m a little surprised it hasn’t happened already, except perhaps out of respect for people who don’t like the post-game sharing aspect of the Malkovich log.


Can you clarify the link between conditional moves and Malkovitch log? I don’t see it at all.

For a start, your opponent can see the Malkovitch log if they want to. That alone seems to rule out putting conditional move info in there.

(Edit: upon reflection, I can see that if you were playing a Malkovitch game it would be useful to be able to share the conditional moves that you had planned with the audience. Unfortunately, the Malkovitch feature has a very limited scenarios for use due to the above issue that your opponent can see it, either accidentally as they log out or deliberately if they chose)


@MystWalker Your request is legitimate. I can empathize since I’ve also seen excessive negativity in the forums. Don’t let it get to you :slight_smile:


I don’t think anyone in this thread has been “excessively negative”


I appreciate the opportunity to think on the subject of whether conditional move history would help me. I play 20 correspondence games at once, and I enter conditional moves almost every time I place a stone (believe it or not).

I have thought about it for fifteen minutes. Conditional moves notification/history would not help my style of using OGS. I already, every time I return to a game, click backwards ten moves or so and watch those moves again so that I understand the flow of the game again, recall tenukis (so I don’t forget about some other “hot spot” on the board), and remember my strategy. Using the ten move click back button, then clicking through takes me all of three seconds (okay, maybe five). If I had a notification that “three of your conditional moves were used”, I would still click back to review them. So, for me only, there is no advantage.


I’m not a regular user of the Malkovich log myself, I didn’t actually realize it was visible to other until after game ended. I thought of it just in terms of a tool to record your thinking as of the moment you’re making a move, for later review.
I’ll revise my suggestion then. A private version of Malkovich log would be a perfect fit, and should be fairly trivial to implement.