Cancel/Resign Annulled?

In this game no moves have been played but where one usually finds the ‘Cancel’ button it already shows the ‘Resign’ button.


Does this occur because the game is part of a tournament?
If I resign at this stage will it still be annulled as if it was cancelled?

You are correct, tournament games cannot be cancelled, only resigned.
Cannot confirm whether or not resigning at this stage will affect your rating.
I recommend simply waiting the 3 days for your opponent to time out.
I can confirm that if your opponent times out any of his games this round, he will be disqualified from all subsequent rounds to help save you from facing this problem too often.

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I believe that resigning out of a tourney game does affect your rating (that’s the whole reason that the Cancel button is not there)


I believe that too, but not confident that it would still apply with no moves on the board

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Thankyou gentlemen. That’s definitely worth knowing.

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Actually, now I think about it, I’m not so sure. I had an opponent time out by not playing any moves at all just the other day in a tourney and the game was in facf annulled!

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But even then timeout and resign might have different affects.

True, but now it seems weird. Why not have a cancel if you can escape by timeout anyhow?

Because timing out auto disqualifies you from the tournament maybe?

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