Cannot access OGS website on iPhone unless I'm on wifi

I play go exclusively on OGS, and almost exclusively on my iPhone. It’s always been awesome. Recently, it quit working if I didn’t have wifi. So I tried a different browser (I previously was using chrome, but safari didn’t work either). The error message is that it cannot connect to the server or that the connection timed out. It’s not intermittent. It fails every time if I don’t have wifi, even when I have an extremely strong (6-7 megabit download) LTE connection. My network provider is Verizon if that matters.

Thanks in advance!

Do you have a specific time frame? There were some updates recently and it would be great to rule those out if possible.

Really hard to remember. I would say roughly a month and a half ago. Maybe 2 months ago.

Hmmm. Don’t know if it’s the same problem so take with a grain of salt. Apparently a malicious source with a similar phone is address (or the like) was banned. The example I understood was that they hit a cell ip address high up on the tree and everything below was blocked (ie. Myself and malicious person). I can access on WiFi b/c it’s a different addy. Cell phone however is blocked. Staff are working on my problem however are busy.

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This sounds like the exact problem!! Maybe when they fix it mine will be restored also!

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Maybe your service provides has forbidden access to this type of websites.


As this thread is from 2015 (!) and there has not been any follow-up I assume the problem has since been solved.

Closing this thread.

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