Can't download ai review SGFs

I’m able to download a game’s SGF just fine and I’m a site supporter. When I click the link to download an AI reviewed SGF, my browser opens a new empty tab and then nothing happens. I’ve tried to use both Chrome and Firefox. Anyone have any ideas?


In chrome, I get a page that reads “The site can’t be reached” with ERR_INVALID_RESPONSE.

Would you be willing the share the link to the problematic .sgf?

The most recent one was here:

I can dig up the other games as well if you like.

This is just a minor annoyance, though. I’m not terribly upset because I can still see the review on the site.

Thanks for the response.

Huh, well this seems above my skill to troubleshoot, no idea why it is failing, we’ll have to wait for someone smarter. And you say this is happening in more games? (One link is probably enough for now, just wondering if we can rule out some one time fluke error).

Either way sorry about the trouble. :confused:

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No worries!

This is the first game where I noticed it:

This (more recent) game seems to work, though:

Note that I think my first link in this post was a private game if that means anything… but the link in my first post was a public game.

Actually the same thing happened to me with one of my games the other day

and when I click the link, it beings me to below and also says site cannot be reached.

At the moment I find using the site to view the ai reviews better, since as mentioned in another thread. there’s some problems with viewing the reviews in for instance sabaki.

This seems to still be a problem.

It’s happening to me since a few days.
The first game when it happened was Play Go at! | OGS
I used the developer tools to check what’s going on and I found this:

[HTTP/2 500 Internal Server Error 11292ms]

There is a response payload:


which is the Base64 for

Error: GET -- 0 unable to verify the first certificate

I hope this helps fixing the problem

Hello kappa_gi, and many thanks for the detailed analysis! I have relayed the info onto our developer, to have a look.

Sorry about the troubles.