Can't fork game

I was playing a teaching game and timed out.

I’d want to fork the game so we can continue but it says “Can not play a ranked game with rank difference > 9”. But there is no “ranked” box to untick when trying to fork the game.

What can I do?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Can’t fork it? Then spoon it!!!

Oh somebody kill me :smiley:


Adam… :expressionless:

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Up! There are two friends of mine, with whom I’ve played IRL, and gonna continue games at OGS. I’m unable to do this due to such a bug.

**UPD: **Here’s a board which I’ve created from my demo. Somehow it’s lacking move analysis, and I cannot fork the demo again.

I can fork OP’s game just fine…

I can’t recreate your problem, but the obvious way to solve the problem is… just replay the moves in an actual unranked game.

Whenever you fork/review/whatever a match, analysis is never carried over.

TLDR: Don’t fork a demo, challenge your boys and replay the moves.

Alrighty I found and fixed this bug, thanks for bringing it back to my attention @IcedEarth!


Kill confirmed. Thanks a lot!